Your internal operations plan/emergency plan is now digital and can be activated 24/7

Manage your operations in real time from your crisis center.
Coordinate your operational staff on a permanent basis using a site map.

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Why high-risk sites
need CountAct security​

Take care of your safety
and legal obligations.

Intuitive dashboard.

Reminder and management of regulatory obligations.

Progress tracking with automated reports.

Modification history.

Mockup property safety

Mobilize your control resources
more quickly.

Setting up a digital census.

Operational agility with adaptability of plans to changing situations.

Defense plan visualization with dynamic mapping.

Equip your crisis unit with a dynamic tool.

Interactive platform for crisis rooms.

Creation, organization and updating of emergency plans and POIs.

Collaborative tool for real-time task allocation.

Customized post-crisis assessment reports.

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Let's talk about your problems
at your high-risk industrial site

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